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The Doll and the Knight is a theater performancemusicalAndvisualthat takes us on the journeyinitiatoryof a little boy who decides toproveto the world ofadultsthat dad-kings and mom-queens may not always haveraison, because in the end, all that is forplay.

4 actors play, sing, fight, in this high-octane adventurecolorand intwist.

Although this piece was originally written for the pure pleasure of telling auntold story, today it takes on a morecommitted:

The fight against gender stereotypes.


"  Since you don't get rid of this doll the Great Green Dragon will come and get it ! "

Said one daydaddy kingofalbert, exhausted to see her child playingdollrather than learning how to be a real knight.

But despite the threat of seeing his princess kidnapped by the Kingdom's most terrifying creature,albertcontinued to play. So much so that one fine evening theGreen Dragoncame in person to replace the doll with a letter :

“  Don't hope to see your doll again. She is mine now so forget-her »

Braving his fear and despite his inexperience, our hero sets off to the rescue of hisdoll.  Embarking on a path far too dangerous for a little boy.
But he will not be alone in his adventure, he will meet the Bard, storyteller forcibly embarked on his story, and
Laurielle, the Knight armed with her huge hammer.

Il leur faudra alors apprendre à devenir_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_une équipe avant de pouvoir sauver la_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_doll claws de ce creepyGreen Dragon.

NOTnote ofIintention:

Iinformation Ttechniques:

In this chivalrous fresco mêlant Chant, musique, danse, escrime et fantaisie (romanesque & humoristique), Bastien Lecomte confronts gender stereotypesinstilled in children through the notion of play that is too often stigmatized according to their sex.

Through the
prank calland somemusical comedy, we are presented with archetypes ofcolorful characters, by their costumes but also their richness and their difference of universe, underlined bysongswith various themes and genres.

dance, wesung, webeats  for real in thiscartoon showand deliberately drawn in broad strokes, to emphasize the simplicity of the message:

Amusez-vous, soyez vous-même et ne laissez personne vous dire le_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_contrary!

Audience :

Young audience (3 to 10 years old)

Discipline :

Musical and chivalrous fresco

Duration :


Artistic team:


Stage area:

6m x 6m(minimum) and 4m in height

VSas if you were there...

viens les chercher
tu les veux tes gateaux
pourquoi vous rigolez
papa roi
non non et non
mais j'aime bien les gateaux
le trio gagnant
le grand dragon vert
le dragon et albert
laurielle et le barde
la nuit quand j'ai peur du noir
la lettre
est-ce qu'il y a des monstres
bonjour les enfants
alors c'est qui la plus forte
albert et le dragon
albert et la princesse


Interview 47fm - 25 Février 2015

Photo credit :

William Klein

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