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- Ambulatory shows -

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He speaks of atransformation:

- On a human scale,we are presented with amiserly man, misanthropic, violent, abusive and selfish who has reduced his field of possibilities todisenchanted pragmatism of his daily life  and whose behavior has catastrophic repercussions on those around him.

He ends upface your own mistakes, buried emotions and failures. To extend his vision to that of the world around him and his impact on it via the appearance ofthree christmas spirits(Past, Present and Future)mandated by his former colleagueand associate, prisoner forever by the chains of his own greedy and selfish actions before sa mort .


- At the social level,the workconfront a man of influencerich and powerfulto the rest of modest societyand poor, at a time of year when hunger, cold and poverty are synonymous with precariousness, suffering and even death. A man who has eyes only for his work, who has known nothing else and who has never received help from anyone andconsiders those who do not follow his approach as good for nothing,profiteers, thieves, leeches of society.

At the time when the work was written, it wasa social satire of employers and entrepreneurship.Era using and abusing the lower classes, largely eclipsed by the wealthy and willfully ignored classes, especially during the holiday season.

   Dickens uses the character ofScroogeas a catalystso that each reader finds himself confronted with the human dimension of misery and ignorance.

Iinformation Ttechniques:

NOTnote ofIintention:

At the very beginning it isa desire to recreate a lived experienceduring'childhoodin the face of these works which fascinate so muchconfront us with fear, to the strange, to the supernaturalwithout ever traumatizing us.

On the contrary, sheinvites us to explorethe unusual and get caught up inthe magic of historyand unexpected encounters, to emergeamazedand envious to find other works of this genre.

Children like to play scare, it is a normal human feeling.It's cathartic.For us,it's not so much about scaring people, but  learning to master this fear,to become familiar with this feeling and know what it expresses. Fear is often linked to the unknown but if we go beyond the first impression wespring grown. And this is where the publicand our main character:Ebenezer Scroogewill have acommon point.

Audience :

All public from 6 years old)

Discipline :

Puppet, object theatre, mask

Duration :

50 mins

Artistic team:


Stage area:

6m x 5m (minimum) and 4m high

Photo credit :

Marc Anthony Gomes/Sophie Ruiz/Benjamin Cornet

- Ambulatory shows -

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

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