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Artistic manager of the Bric à Brac company since 2012, Bastien joined the Théâtre-Ecole d'Aquitaine in 2004. There he played and sang under the direction of Pierre Debauche, Robert Angebaud, Vincent Poirier, Stéphanie Risac._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
As a multidisciplinary musician, he has also composed and accompanied the music for several shows, notably that of "Peter Pan" (Pieryk Vanneuville, 2009), or even  "Les Miserables" (Pieryk Vanneuville, 2010).
He continues to work regularly as a musician and actor with the Pierre Debauche company.
In 2009, Francis Cabrel chose him as a theater teacher in his association "Music and culture" in Astaffort.
Since 2010 he has been working with the Compagnie de l'Escalier qui monte, setting up real-life simulations for students at the prison administration school (ENAP).
In 2013 he wrote, directed and acted in "Débordé(es)", a satire on stress and harassment in the world of work, for the company Travail et Facteur Humain.
Twice he will appear at the Avignon festival: first in 2013 in the creation of Pro'Jacteurs: “We want sailboats” then in 2015 with “Swing Heil” by the company La Margueritte.



After graduating from the Émile-Cohl school in Lyon, Marina Coudray joined the Ankama animation studio in 2009, where she trained in setting color (2D), concept art and chara-design for the animation.
Her taste for new experiences and discovery led her to become a freelancer in 2013, which allowed her to explore different universes and different media.
From illustration for editorials and for advertising campaigns (Boiron laboratories), to festival posters, through the concept of video games and sculpture, each experience enriches and nourishes the next.
She notably collaborates with Eric Travers and Groupe F on the design of pyrotechnic shows and light installations.

In 2016 she joined the Bric à Brac team for the design, construction and manipulation of puppets and live shows.
Nothing stops the creativity of Marina Coudray!

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