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Hhistory of thevscompanionie

Compagnie Bric à Brac was created in 2012 withBastien Lecomteto the artistic direction and begins its partnership with  the associations La Herpaille and Les Mortes Payes.

It took off in 2014 with the creation of "La Poupee et le Chevalier" and the partnership with  the company Les Fileuses d'EmbarrasMarina CoudrayAndAlice Oudetin the production of their show "In the footsteps of Melhaa" and "L'Animatum Chimera Melhaa".

In 2016 after the arrival ofMarc-Anthony Gomes,Les Fileuses d'Embarras and La Compagnie Bric à Brac merge to form a single entity and together create the "Omoloùnkà" project.

Valentin Poeyjoins the ranks of the company in 2017 and participates in the creation of "A Christmas Carol", et  thus completing the team we know today.

Hhistory ofVSreactionns

2014- The Doll and the Knight

2015- In the Footsteps of Melhaa

2016- Animatum Chimera Melhaa

2017- Omoloùnkà, the March of the Green Man

2018- A Christmas Carol

Iinterventions of theVScompanionie

- Theater workshops withthe Local Mission of Agenaisas part of the Youth Guarantee program

- Theater, Eloquence and Rhetoric Workshops and creation of an eloquence contest withAntoine Lommet Professional High Schoolin Agen

- Theater and Puppet Creation Workshops with the associationADEM Le Florida,SACEMAndthe Academic Inspection

- Management of the Theater Workshops ofThe Troop of Being,the amateur theater association of Astaffort,the municipality of Lamontjoieet the Musiqu'envuie Association

- Extracurricular Activity Time withthe municipality of Agen

- Participation in the heritage revaluation project"Along the Garonne"

- Partnership with associationsThe Dead PayAndThe Herpaillein their annual tours of medieval festivals, including the creation of afire showand adramatized medieval village


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